domingo, 30 de diciembre de 2012

30-12-12, 1:18 MdC Tfe.

Loneliness from a world that doesn't go with me
shoudn't be loneliness

I realize I'd been all my time looking to the wrong direction
for so that many years
Now it's hard to change comprehension
as I let the age of them be mine

while I'm eternal

and should be calm

focused on me as they well do: not them on I

Where is my throne I came so fast to look for,
where is the girl that broke the path?

The time goes on and on and I'm still that lost
forgetting my own light....

I now regret the pain I suffered that
so strongly I though 'could hand:
it crys me now in hell of sounds
the tears and dark sad path...........

And I'm alone........

And I am what?........

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