domingo, 13 de marzo de 2016


That's what makes me step forward.

In live emotion, in
live expectation, in
live fear and hope.

In live freazzing air running against my naked face
-my blood bursting up fastly, reddly, readily...

where I felt the most extassy
the pleasure in the weakness
and from which I find a new place,
wider from where I was before,
where to place again my bare foot.

When I'm, once more, firm on earth with both feet,
when the sun heats anew my skin and my pupils pierces,

When I feel the grattitude of having overcome the storm,
and I'm again whole, and I'm bigger,

One thing remains undestructible and memorable:
the Supreme Beauty
of that which was exploded from the never-ending Source of Love:

that which made me more alive,
which made me more conscious and aware

That which made me

Ludmila Trachta
1:33 h
Fuenlabrada, 13/3/2016

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